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Getting Greener for Good – Our Sustainability Story

Ever since Tom’s aunt Ellen started making Wexford Home Preserves jams in Our Lady’s Island to make the best use of her own beautiful fruit when it couldn’t be sold in time, we have had a keen focus on sustainability.

We want our children to have the same fabulous countryside, the same delicious food and the same standard of living (if not better!) as we’ve had. We know how lucky we are and we’re grateful for it.

Here are just some of the measures we’re taking to reduce our impact on the environment – we hope that knowing we take sustainability seriously helps you to enjoy our preserves even more!

Solar Panels

We have invested in 12 solar panels at our batch kitchen in New Ross. These have already saved us significant amounts of energy. We have more panels arriving soon and will be even closer to using no electricity from fossil fuels at all!

All Ireland Pollinator Plan

We are members of the All Ireland Pollinator Plan. This is a group of lots of different sectors across Ireland, trying to create a landscape where pollinators can survive and thrive. We have a wildflower garden outside our batch kitchen and offices, which we hope to expand and we worked with a local primary school to put together a bee garden for them.


Most of the making of our preserves is done by our team, who are very energy efficient ! The machines we do use, for labelling jars (which we used to do by hand!) etc. are selected for their efficient use of energy.

Sourcing Green

We make major efforts to source the ingredients for our products as locally as we can and we track our top growers’ sustainability approach through certification.
As well as our ingredients, we also support local businesses for services locally – from I.T. to design and marketing – we love to keep our local economy healthy.

Wexford Food Family

This not-for-profit network of food producers came together to help support and promote each other’s business in 2012 and we have been proud members ever since.

On Yer Bike!

We encourage staff that live locally to cycle in to work and benefit from the “Bike to Work” scheme – especially with our New Ross Greenway now so close to our headquarters.


All of the material used in our packaging is recyclable.


We value our local communities and support local efforts when we can. We sponsor local GAA & Soccer teams and we regularly sponsor the Wexford Federation ICA Special Occasions competition. The ICA is a marvellous organisation that makes a huge difference to the quality of life of its members.