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The Magic is in the Making

At Wexford Home Preserves, our dream is not to be the biggest preserves maker, but to be the best.

We work hard to keep finding ways to make our products better.

We source the very best ingredients, as locally as possible. Then, it’s up to us to make the best quality products possible for our customers.

We check all of the produce that arrives and then prepare it for cooking.

The lemons and oranges have their pips taken out by hand to be used to help set marmalade.

We use real cane sugar in our sweet preserves and concentrated grape juice in the No Added Sugar range.

The prepared fruit and sugar is boiled in an open pot and stirred regularly. Our team keeps a careful eye on the pots so that the mixture doesn’t caramelize or burn. This takes longer than the usual commercial methods but we believe it’s worth it because the jams, marmalades, chutneys and relishes taste better and have a nicer texture.

When perfectly set, the preserves are cooled before being poured into jars, labelled and packed to be sent out to go on to the shop shelves.